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Fan Pendant Lights
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1: DecorativeFrom twenty years ago Taiwan began to crazy production ceiling fan has thousands of style in the market sales, from single color to colorful, style and CAS ordinary type, Victoria style, unique Italian style, classical European style, luxury and magnificent as the characteristic style of ancient Rome, the mystery of the ancient Greek style and modern simple and elegant style, and so on, all designers in the ceiling fans will be the artistic style of show incisively and vividly, Zhongshan induced Sheng Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. in have been exported to many decorative ceiling fans also show a of our ancient Chinese literary style decorative ceiling fan lamp.2 practicalA: energy-saving with the trend of global warming and energy saving and environmental protection, air conditioning, the high power consumption of household electrical appliances more and more restrictions on the use, an air conditioner quite 20 sets of ceiling fans in electricity consumption, when the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees with a fan is completely can achieve the cooling effect of the thermal driving, and has the largest so fan in (table fan, Li Fan, a ceiling fan) under the same power of ceiling fans only air, volume is wind speed and area of the product is equivalent to water and water flow rate, so the United States are recommended using a ceiling fan the energy-saving appliances. And found that the ceiling fan with the use of air conditioning can reduce air conditioning load, also make indoor no temperature difference is not easy to make people cold, comfort is quite good.Decorative ceiling fans most of the motor is made of high quality silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic effect is better, and low and medium speed is the speed regulating capacitor than without capacitance speed regulation more power, a number of energy saving technology makes the ceiling fan with excellent energy saving effectB: winter and summer are available is also provided with a decorative ceiling fan and switch. Summer, is positive, the fan blade is transferred wind feeling cool sweet smell; in air-conditioned room can auxiliary air conditioner, increase the flow of cold air, both to reduce electricity consumption, energy saving and environmental protection and prevention of air conditioning syndrome. Winter, is set to reverse, fan blade reversal, to rise indoor heat downward pressure, people in the room feel to the wind, but increased the air circulation, in indoor air heater, more can increase the rate of convection currents of warm air and make the indoor heat uniform as warm as in spring.C: quiet, safe because most of the decorative ceiling fans with high quality silicon steel sheet is made into a motor so generated by the motor noise than ordinary small ceiling fan a lot more quiet. Also the wooden blade so it is more safe.D: can be equipped with a remote control and remote control and sleep timer function is suitable for night use.3 what is the function of how to use?A; how to control? Fan and light is separated from the control, each with a zipper, the zipper in the middle is to control the lamp, side zippers is adjustable fan stalls, the fan three stalls in its switching sequence is: off "high speed, medium speed, low speed, and so on. The zipper is long enough in the zipper has a ceiling fan with 50 cm long, so don't worry.B; how to use the positive and negative switch? There is a time switch on the lamp holder, the handle is pushed to the fans following their forward is the wind blowing down use in the summer, push to the above is reversal towards the wind blow for cold weather indoor air stuffy with the. Forward and reverse are high, medium and low three files.C; installed wall and remote control, fan and light are controlled separately, such as ceiling fan with a pull switch and then loaded remote after best zipper gear and then use the remote control, it would be better.
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